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Will you be 1 in 1000? 1 in 1000 is about making a difference in the lives of people all around the world. It is about taking your God given gifts and using them to raise funds for missions! If you are one of the audacious students that believes you can raise over $1000 in a year for missions, then you are: 1 in 1000! 


Right now, students all around the nation are using their gifts and talents to raise support for missions. Below are some examples, but our hope is that God will speak to you on how He wants to use your gifts and talents to raise support.



Make something and sell it

Mow lawns

Do chores

Clean houses

Do something 1000 times and take donations for every time you do it

a. Kick 1000 soccer goals

b. Do 1000 jumping jacks

c. Ride a bike 1000 miles (or kilometers haha)


Dream big and let God speak to YOU! 


Once you raise the money, go to your youth group and give it to Speed The Light (youth) or BGMC (kids) and then come back to this page and fill out the “How I became 1 in 1000”. Once you do this and your Pastor verifies that you raised these funds, you will receive the 1 in 1000 T-shirt!

How I Became 1 in 1000

Thanks for submitting!

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